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At Affordable Shutters we take great pride in ourselves on delivering a quality bespoke product to all our customers. Our shutters are manufactured with high quality materials and are available in a huge range of colours and finishes which can also be customized to your specification.
Shutters are timber frames with panels which constitutes a series of louvres allowing you to control the light entering the room. Shutters not only provide the full control over the privacy you wish for but also cut down the level of noise. It also helps to adjust the room temperature as per the weather conditions for example keeping the cool in the summer season and warm during the winter season.


Whether it remains in office, at the residence, or in a few other kinds of structures in Gosford, we spend as much as 90% of our time in closed areas typically without all-natural daytime or fresh air. Keeping that in mind, structures have a considerable impact on our lifestyle. Daylight increases our effectiveness as well as enhances motivation. So to guarantee we can maximize the positive results of daylight, also in shut areas, vibrant solar shading has a significant function to play.
In-office buildings, as an example, a computer system monitor job includes optimum needs with respect to the combination of daytime, illumination as well as glow defense. The choice of the proper automated shading makes certain high customer comfort, a great defense against warm and glare-free computer workstations. When the sun is beaming as well as the rooms inside are beginning to seem like a greenhouse, individuals desire security from the sun on one hand, as well as the ability to take advantage of the daylight without losing call with the outdoors on the various other.

Plantation Shutters

We are specialized in Plantation Shutters, which got its name from the Timber Shutters designed for southern residences with large home windows. Plantation shutters, also sometimes called “California shutters,” are visually pleasing, while also giving fantastic open views as well as closed, warm privacy. Below are some of the main reasons for mounting plantation shutters.

Light Control and also Views

Readjust the louvers to your favored angle and develop just the best state of mind. Whether you are looking for complete privacy with little-to-no light or opening up the impressive views, Plantation Shutters provides you the most effective of both globes by adjusting light control options.

Air Flow Control and also Privacy

Want to maintain your privacy while likewise letting some fresh air inside? Plantation shutters permit fresh air to flow when opening the window while likewise providing personal privacy by changing the louvers so that you still maintain an intimate setup.

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